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LA 411 Online

Comprehensive directory to television production services and suppliers in Southern California. Free registration required.

Live! - Contacting Actors

LookSmart editor explains how to contact actors via their agents. Includes links to related resources.

Live! - Film Rights for Books

LookSmart editor discovers a Web site that circumvents the lengthy process of writing to publishers to see if a title has been optioned.

LookSmart Academy Awards Center

Share predictions and gossip with other Oscar fans, learn more about the nominees, and read highlights from questions sent to LookSmart Live!

Los Angeles Magazine - The Egg and I  New!

First-person story from FindArticles provides the heartening news for those in the industry that producing films is easier than raising chickens.

Mandy's International Film and TV Production Directory

Search by US state or by country for details on film technicians, producers and facilities. With permanent listings and monthly job listings.

MovieMaker Magazine

Ezine offers updates on news and events affecting independent filmmaking around the world. Includes articles, links and past issues.

Moviex Entertainment Index

Resource for actors who work as extras in the film and television business provides news and reviews along with its member services.


Mr. Showbiz News

All the latest celebrity, music, and movie industry news from Mr. Showbiz, plus links to a variety of Reuters entertainment news stories.

Network Hollywood

Directory of industry-related sites includes indexes to agents, casting directors, film opportunities, gossip, awards, and games.

New York Film Resources

Online source directory for film, TV, advertising and promotion industries in the New York Metro area.

New York's Film & Video Web

Guide to union membership, pay rates, work rules, and benefits for the spectrum of creative personnel in the local New York industry.

NYC Film Production Resource Locator

Resources for anyone producing movies in the New York area. Includes details on services for all stages of production.


A New York asst director with a passion for the net and organizing created this directory to film resources online. From accounting to wardrobe.


Pacific Coast Studio Directory is a film industry reference book published three times a year. Includes advertising rates and a bookstore guide.

PK Baseline

Subscription based service provides the entertainment and film industry with business news. Check out Doris T for daily gossip, or Show Business for box office news.

Producer's Masterguide & Spectrocom

Directory of international entertainment production and media sources for the motion-picture and broadcast industries.

Producer's Source

Hooks filmmakers up with resources, such as labs and crews, in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Prague and other areas of the world.


Entertainment industry resource provides a directory of important phone numbers, box office and Nielson data, and plenty of related links.

Production Weekly

Breakdown of film and TV projects in development or production. Includes a list of newsgroups and industry sources.

Reel Source Drive-In

Offers insider info for professionals and would-be professionals. Most services require membership but you can play the movie mogul game free.

San Diego Production Web

Resources for film and video producers in the San Diego area. Includes news and details on associations, crews and companies.

ShowBIZ Data

News service for the entertainment industry. Daily industry news, box office and searchable archives are free. Membership gets you more.

Start Spot - Cinema Spot

Find movie-related resources, reviews, showtimes, trivia, quotes, charts and box office charts. Includes info about top rentals and soundtracks.

The Guide

Handbook for film and broadcast professionals which includes an alphabetical directory of production resources. Also available in German.


Features film industry articles and breaking news, festival information, film reviews, an event calender, and magazine subscription details.

WebMovie Network, The

Net-based shows include Generation War, a sci-fi drama set in a dreary future, and Bluebird, a movie about a rock star and an obsessed fan.

WebMovie.com Production Guide

Access frequently updated links to all types of film and video production services and facilities. Claims to have thousands of listings.

Wide Angle/Closeup

Read interviews with filmmakers and craftspeople from all areas of production. Also has production drawings, stills and special-effects shots.

Women In Hollywood: Behind the Scenes

Resource celebrates women who work behind the scenes of the film industry. Includes a bevy of statistics and profiles of power players.

In Hollywood

Subscription based service listing films in development, production, and post-production.

Producer's Source - Montreal

Directory to locate a range of resources for the film and video production industry in Montreal. Includes production companies and film labs.

Cine Guide

Features international film industry links for general and professional searches. In English, French and Portuguese,


Film Industry Magazines



Hollywood's most venerable showbiz news institution online. Subscribe to Variety Extra to receive Daily Variety before it hits the stands.

American Cinematographer

Now you can read the ultimate cinematography magazine online, or subscribe to the print version. Part of the official ASC website.

Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers

Covers the pivotal directors, producers and distributors in the independent film industry, and tracks related political trends and legislation.


Resource for the film, television, and marketing industries. Membership required.


Magazine aimed at special effects professionals. Select reprints of articles from back issues are available.

Fade In Magazine

Film magazine for screenwriters offers interviews and articles covering aspects of living and working in Hollywood. Includes subscription forms.

Filmmaker Magazine

Magazine covering independent film industry includes selected articles from the print edition, forums, news, and resources.

Hollywood Reporter, The

Online version of the industry trade paper has news of the latest deals covering film, TV, music. Also box office reports, other departments.

Los Angeles Magazine - Porn Again  New!

With many mainstream films being produced abroad, film crew left behind often resort to working on adult films, says the story from FindArticles.

Make-Up Artist Magazine

Profiles the top players in the industry, and offers color photos and how-to advice. Also features product updates and retrospectives.


Internet edition of this leading journal for production and postproduction professionals. Includes industry news and new products.

New York Screenwriter Monthly

Residents of Gotham can find tips on writing movie scripts and finding agents. Features FAQ and links to film resources.

Pacific Coast Studio Directory

Publication deals with the motion picture industry in California and other states is published three times per year. Find subscription details.

RES Magazine of Digital Filmmaking

Dedicated to the technology behind digital filmmaking. Covers such issues as film-to-tape transfers and how to distribute films online.

Screen - Chicago Production Weekly

Offers industry news, columns, classified ads, and event listings. Find subscription information and an opinion forum.

Variety - Sequels Try for Triples  New!

Looks at the trend toward exploiting marketable films as trilogies. Examines the "X-Men," "Lord of the Rings" and "The Matrix" movie franchises.

Variety - Talent Titans or Double Trouble?  New!

Feature from the FindArticles collection looks at the increasingly common show business partnership between managers and producers.

Variety - The Global 50  New!

Pore over a list of the world's fifty top entertainment companies, as ranked by this industry trade paper in its August 28, 2000 issue.

Video Age International

Business journal of film, home video, and broadcasting discusses the contents of the current issue. Includes subscription information.

VideoStore Magazine

Discover the weekly top renting videos, follow customer theatrical spending habits, and find new video and DVD release dates.


Film Product & Service Directories

Entertainment Directory

Yellow Pages of resources and services for the film, television, and video production industry. Includes calendar of film festivals.

Hollywood Creative Directory

The essential Hollywood director listing production companies, networks, studios, agents and more. Available in print or online for subscribers.

Mandy's Production Directory

Search by US state or country for details of film and TV technicians, producers, and facilities.

NY's Film & Video Web

A resource for filmmakers in New York with union info, links to film commissions and an array of production facilities and services.


Film Industry Production Services


Companies A-B

Companies I-K

Companies T-U


Companies C-D

Companies L-M

Companies V-W


Companies E-F

Companies N-P

Companies X-Z


Companies G-H

Companies Q-S




Film Industry Equipment Suppliers


16 mm Film - Live!

Read advice from the LookSmart Live! community about where to shop for 16 mm film.

ADB Lighting Systems

Manufacturer of lighting rigs for stage and television, supplying spotlights, dimmers, lighting control, and suspension systems. Lots of info.

Advanced Coating Technology

Matter-of-fact site for a distributor of flame-retarding coatings, waterborne lacquers, and design finishes used in the entertainment industry.

American Cinema Equipment  New!

Wholesaler of theater equipment and supplies carries film lamps, tape, lenses, cleaners and tickets, plus hardware like clamps and gears.

American Zoetrope

Francis Coppola's company offers production and post-production support for Bay Area shoots. Review a profile of their DVD authoring services.

Sydney-based architectural and interior design visualization contractor provides services to the film industry. Browse a design portfolio.

Anytime Production Equipment Rental

Anytime Rentals is a true one-stop shop in Hollywood and Santa Monica for production supplies, expendables, off road vehicles, phones, walkies.

Archive Films and Photos

Supplies historical stock footage and photos. Search the archives, view special collections or find out what happened on this day in history.


Homepage of the German manufacturer of the famous ARRI movie cameras, lighting systems, and TV production equipment.

ASG Music for Film & Video

From Salt Lake City, a composer and studio offering interesting deals on scoring your next production. Site has info on them, and a glossary.

AV Pointer

Directory of manufacturers and suppliers of professional and consumer audio and video equipment. With links to trade magazines and shows.

AZ Spectrum

Offering, they say, the full spectrum of electronics from A to Z for a wide range of motion picture equipment and video assist units.

B&L Lighting Services

Bulterys and Locaflash deal in lighting rental and sales and truck-mounted sound-suppressed power generators, from their HQ in Brussels, Belgium.

Camera Essentials

Home of Harrison Film Changing Tents, which are designed to provide a dust-free space to load film magazines, holders or processing tanks.

Cinema Equipment Sales - Cinemadealer.com

California-based resource supplies new and used motion picture projection and sound equipment, theater furnishings, and related accessories.

Continental Scenery Backdrops

Homepage for Sun Valley, CA-based makers of backdrops and banners for the motion picture and television industries. Info and catalog on-site.

Corning Precision Lens

Optics manufacturer specializes in optical design, molded components and assemblies. Note its products for projection display and printer lenses.

CPT Movie Camera Rentals

Rent a wide range of cameras from branches in New York and Atlanta, including Moviecam, Arriflex, Photosonics, and Mitchell Fries.

Creative Media - Atlanta

Source for video, audio, and CD duplication and mastering services. 35mm slide imaging and duplication.

Custom Aerial Photography, Inc.

Headquartered in Orlando, a company specializing in aerial and remote-controlled, low-level, elevated photography. An informative, snazzy site.

De la Mata, Dennis

The only insert car available for rent in Chicago. Also process trailers, camera dollies, and rigging equipment

Deming, Michael

Page dedicated to the works of a producer, composer, arranger, and engineer for feature length film scores.

Digital Movie News

Reviews of Mac and Windows software for making independent motion pictures for release on DVD-Video disks.

Digital Theater Systems

DTS chat - for enthusiasts who want to go online and chat about movie theater sound systems.

Dynamic Digital Depth, Inc.

DDD provides 3D content, services, and delivery technology for film, theme park, broadcast, and arcade entertainment.

Equipment Emporium

Educational resource for those interested in sound mixing, sound-recording equipment and recording on location. Includes product news.

Film & Video Stock Shots

Find a client list, rate sheet and sample footage for stock film and video clips. Utilize tools to secure project footage.

Film Group

Independent filmmaker product and service site features a product index, ordering info and troubleshooting FAQ.


Suppliers of film production support services throughout the Rockies & Dakotas. View their equipment and client list.


For the budget-concious filmmaker. FilmLogic is a software application that allows you to use non-linear editing systems like Adobe Premiere.

Filmtools  New!

Find equipment for cinematography and video, as well as gear for the grip, electrical and lighting departments. Search by brand or by item.


Browse the catalog of film and TV production equipment for commercial producers shooting in the Miami and the Caribbean.


Stock footage supplier to advertising, film, TV, and new media production professionals around the world.

Gelula & Co. Subtitles

Homepage for providers of subtitles for a great many major motion pictures, television, and DVD for over 25 years in over 25 languages.

Hacker, Douglas And Company CPA

LA-based entertainment industry participation auditors, film and TV a specialty. Includes an outline of developments in movie profit sharing.

Hiller Pharma Co. Ltd.

Hong Kong-based audio-visual equipment rental house with over 15 years of experience in the communication industry.

History in a Can

Suppliers of classic stock footage in a variety of formats also host forums for collectors in search of specific films.

Houston Fearless

Manufactures still and motion picture film processing equipment, including photographic chemical handling equipment. View a product list.

Impact Video

Claims to be North America's leading supplier of Videowal technology and visual display systems. Access equipment rentals and system sales.

Innovation Arts

In Lenox, MA, a full service physical effects production facility, whose site here has plenty of illustrated info on the team and their work.

JBL Professional

Business offers cinematic and audio products for media professionals. Search its product catalog and technical library.

Joe Darrell Location Service

Based in Torrance, California, Darrell represents property owners who rent their properties for films, commercials and TV productions.

Kevyn Major Howard Photography

Kevyn Major Howard of "Full Metal Jacket" is also known as an L.A. photographer, specializing in headshot, glamor, and fashion photography.

Kino Flo Inc.

Kino Flo operate in the field of lighting, providing systems for sale and rent, with catalog details online.

Kodak - Entertainment Imaging  New!

Line of products for the entertainment industry includes post-production, digital and special effects and film products. Order online or call.

Lightning Dubbs

Company specializing in video dubbing, editing, conversion, and duplication in Hollywood, Santa Monica, and Burbank. Site has a handy glossary.

LightRoom, The

Find out the qualities and prices of the photo processing film and equipment sold by The LightRoom. Shares a glossary and links.

Live! - Publicity Photos and Movie Stills

LookSmart editor provides in-depth advice on how to obtain publicity shots for recent and upcoming movies. Includes links to photo archives.

Locate Film Footage - Live!

Pick up some tips on locating obscure subject matter from movies by reading the answer to this LookSmart Live! request for atomic-cloud footage.

Magic Box

Homepage for a Connecticut-based organization offering mobile on-site editing both on and off-line for video and film professionals.

Media Box  New!

New York multimedia and video company specializes in production. Offers editing, DVD, CD-ROM and digital file conversions and duplications.

Media Technology Source

Homepage for the world's largest supplier of theater and cinema equipment. There's a FAQ, and lists of their clients and products.

Mike Van Dine Power & Light

Homepage for a San Francisco lighting and grip truck, good for any Californian location. Equipment details and suchlike on this site.

Mole Richardson

Peruse this catalog of lighting equipment for film and television productions and learn about trade shows and events.

Movie Art

Hollywood-based company offering product labels, props, and hand-painted signs for the movie picture industry.

Movie Cameras - eBay

Find motion picture cameras for sale at the auction house representing a variety of formats, including Super 8 and 16mm.

Movie Equipment - eBay

Browse and make bids on motion picture cameras, editing equipment, projectors and accessories available from this popular auction house.

Neumade Products

Company manufactures overhead projectors, lamphouses, consoles, platters, audio/video storage, film handling equipment, and film care products.

New & Unique Videos/Crystal Pyramid

New & Unique Videos is a stock footage library of contemporary and archival images from around the world, and a home video distributor

Non Stop Prop Shop

Rental and sale of props, furniture, and fashion clothing and accessories. With custom prop, set design, and building services.

O'Connor Camera Support Systems

Fluid heads, tripods, and accessories for the TV, film, and video production industries. Browse the catalog or find your nearest dealer.

Overkill Productions

Company specializing in set construction and design for film and television, with details and pictures of their work.

ParkerVision - Company Homepage

Communications and video equipment producer presents its news, stock, employment and product information. Receive its multimedia tour.

Performance Imaging - Company Homepage

Check out the audio/video demonstration facility and meet the design team of this theater systems company.

Pittsburgh Stage

Pennsylvania-based company supplies theater equipment, stage curtains, lighting and sound systems. Get toll-free customer service.


Jobs listing, resource and training information, and news for electronic media promotion and marketing executives.


Largest non-traditional wholesale video distributor in the world, distributing films and movies (videos and DVDs) via the PPT system to stores.

ShowBiz Enterprises

Sales and rental of theatrical draperies for shows, venues, and films. Includes pictures and list of past credits.

ShowBiz Enterprises

Company is devoted to theatrical draperies. Designs, manufactures, installs, services and repairs stage curtains.

Stan McClain, Inc.

Stan is the President of "The Operating Cameraman." More of his extensive cinematographic credentials can be read about here.

Sunray HMI Lighting

Based in Sun Valley, CA, Sunray has a catalog of HMI lighting fixtures and ballasts, which their web site will tell you more about.

Talent Trek Agency

Modeling and talent agency works with TV, film, video, radio, print, runway and promotions. Includes models' and actors' resumes, and links.

Tamara Backdrops

Chicago, Illinois, company offers backdrops to rent or purchase. Scenes include interiors, exteriors, skys and landscapes.

TCS Web site

From this Tacoma, WA company, crystal motors for old and affordable 16/35mm cameras, including Arri, Bolex, and Eclair. More info on this site.

Thunder Thighs Costumes Home Page

Costumes and wardrobe for rent for film, television, and theatre, from the Victorian era to the 1990s, from this Toronto-based outfit.

Vista Entertainment Solutions

Cinema ticketing and concessions system including single point of sale, stand-alone kiosks, and integrated back office module.

Wilderness Films

Smooth site for a Calgary, Alberta DVD-premastering facility offering video and film transferring to DVD. With a DVD FAQ and a nifty tutorial.


Read about the this manufacturer of ultraviolet lighting fixtures, special effects paints, and scenic art for the entertainment industry.


German company develops technology for dental research and the motion picture industry. See product descriptions or email comments.

Wright, Anthony Asher

Based in Sydney, Australia, a design studio for virtual sets, VR, and interior architectural visualization.

SKR International

SKR International is a multi-media company focusing on documentary film production, photography,and web site design and maintenance.


Film Organizations

Commissions & Boards

Film Societies


Film Archives

Foundations & Ctrs.


Talent Directories

Crew & Technical

Job Directories



Film Schools

Television Broadcasting Industry

Guides & Directories

Cable TV Industry



Digital TV



Interactive TV

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TV Channels