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expos4products.com  Providers of technology equipment rentals,
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Coming to America to exhibit at tradeshows or conferences?
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Revolutionary Audio Video Booth Display System for 10 by 20 in-line Exhibit Spaces

We are your Audio Visual and Computer rental solution provider!

Expos 4 Products is a full service audio visual provider for a wide array of events and industries. We provide quality, professionalism, and experience in the field of sound rentals, lighting rentals, projector rentals, plasma rentals, computer rentals, video rentals and more. We pride ourselves in our commitment to customer service, focusing on making the individual needs of our clients a reality. We use our past experiences with the technology of tomorrow to fulfill your needs today.

With many years of industry knowledge and experience, Expos 4 Products has grown to reliably serve a network of clients throughout the United States encompassing small businesses, TV and movie production companies,  corporations, hotels, marketing and advertising companies, churches, conventions, tradeshows, special events, sporting events, live events, and audio visual companies who wish to cross rent equipment from our regional branch locations. Expos 4 Products bases its corporate headquarters in California, and maintains 8 regional offices and many affiliates from coast to coastPlease
join our National Rental Program, we will save you the time and effort of sourcing AV rentals. Just email Duane Wangenheim for more information.

If you are coming to America to exhibit at tradeshows or conferences, we want your business.  We look forward to helping you with pricing (you will not be over charged).  We will provide you with the best service and equipment.  That is what separates us from the others.

We offer computer rentals for both short (tradeshow, seminar, training classes, and special event) and long term for emergency (disaster area, Schools, ) including desktop rentals, laptop rentals, lcd projector rentals, notebook rentals, server rentals, plasma rentals, and printer rentals. All of our equipment is from top-quality manufacturers such as IBM, HP/Compaq, Dell, Apple, NEC, Panasonic, Elmo, Folsom, Lenovo, ThinkPad, Sanyo, and more.

Expos 4 Products offers the most extensive and comprehensive rental inventory to include the latest state-of-the-art equipment in the market. In addition to our complete line of audio, visual, video, staging, and lighting equipment, we carry both PC and Macintosh computers, laptops, printers, and provide networking services. We constantly evolve with new technology so that you our clients have the opportunity to select from our existing inventory, but to go beyond your expectations to a realm of audio visual you have not yet experienced.

We want to earn your business and confidence while working within your budget. We strive to be the most competitive company in pricing while offering superior service and product quality.

Expos 4 Products employs a qualified sales staff and professional technicians to recommend, maintain, set-up, and operate all types of presentation equipment. We train to first listen and then recommend without making assumptions for you our client. All clients are unique and therefore you are treated with the utmost importance. From a single flipchart to a multi-media extravaganza, Expos 4 Products is dedicated to professional, courteous, responsive, and dependable service. We work in a quick yet effective manner to meet any deadlines you our clients may propose.

Expos 4 Products greatest asset is the creativity of its employees.  Our mission is to provide customer service first, and to provide Audio Visual and Computer solutions for our clients.

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Congratulations for expressing your interest in the newest frontier for conducting business in the World today, that is, the Internet!   Now you can market your products online in our 24/7 virtual expos.

The Internet has revolutionized the way that individuals, organizations, industries, and countries communicate and interact. It represents a powerful new channel for the exchange and dissemination of information, provision of services, and transactions of every description. Much of the recent media focus on the Internet has been on Internet-based commercial transactions, or e-commerce.

The intrinsic advantage of the Internet as a platform for electronic commerce rests on the open, non-proprietary nature of the network: the Internet allows businesses to use a global, interactive means of information exchange at a low cost. For existing businesses, the Internet represents far more than just an alternative sales channel. By providing an accessible, low-cost platform for interacting with potential customers and business partners, the Internet is fundamentally changing the ways in which industries function. According to Forrester Research, business-to-consumer e-commerce will increase from $13 billion in 1998 to $240 billion by the end of the year 2003.

In essence, the Internet is a relatively cost-efficient way of conducting business, as well as an supplying lucrative money-making opportunities. expos4products
.com. in developing  Virtual Product Expos and tradeshows on line 24/7. This offers you the ultimate in state-of-the-art Internet Product Display services.

expos4products.com faces the business challenges of the this millennium by launching the most aggressive, cost-effective, and by far the most exciting B2B HUB for the introduction of new products and services while matching Sales Agents to Manufactures.  With over 85,000 exciting products introduced every year our goal is to have a hub for Manufactures, Sales Agents and Venture Capitalization Firms to see  the latest products, inventions and services before they come to the marketplace.

The rising cost of travel has many businesses cutting back on on-site trade shows and sales presentations.  This is the salespeople’s opportunity to increase their income while working from your own home office.  expos4products.com is always available to tour on the client's desktop computer! expos4products.com is always open.  It is available for new and existing customers’ comparative research 24/7/365.

Our goal is to have all of our visitors, from anywhere in the world, use expos4products.com as their source for finding new and exciting products. 


We provide state-of-the-art technical services to insure that your company is represented with the highest quality presentation available (we also provide these picture viewers for your own web site).  With our corporate office in Chatsworth, California and Industry Managers and Scouts throughout the country, we always keep an eye on of the economy, industries, and technology.  With this information, we  bring buyers to view new product web-views developed for your viewing at  Convention Center Expo Directory


Key words are placed on the Internet at the following sites:  Google, yahoo, MSN. Every time we place a new add, new words are added  to bring visitors-both buyers and Internet users-to www.expos4products.com Convention Center  for products and services so that all who display products and services benefit by the added exposure.  


The Affiliates of expos4products.com include both new and existing industry leaders throughout the dot com marketplace.  Whether you have a leading web site, a vertical niche market audience, an online product inventory, or an enterprise, expos4products.com provides solutions to further the growth of your business.  With our services, we can help drive transactions and revenue, and keep your customers coming back.  The competition is just one click away, and you need to stay on top.  expos4products.com can help your company stay visible to the public.  We can assist you as we have successfully assisted our many clients. 


We are based in Chatsworth, California.  Our outlook is global, our experience is international.  Our wants are simple. Our goal is to have all of our visitors, from anywhere in the world, use expos4products.com as their source for discovering new and exciting products and be able to make arrangements with the manufacturers. 


Please email us so that we may send you our expos4products Info Bulletin when a New Product is announced.



For Manufactures:  Use expos4products.com to show products, find sales agents form our resume bank,  place ads in our free help wanted pages,  find a source for venture capital, and use our free business links to make your business more profitable.


For Sales Agents:  Use expos4products.com to dazzle your clients with new and exciting products before they hit the market (now you can be first, just check in daily), You can use our free business list and directory links to find new customers and markets. Post your resume so that Manufactures can contact you so that you can partner with them to introduce their goods to your clients first.



For Venture Capitalization Firms:  You see all the exciting products from the large corporations. Now see what's being made that never makes contact in the corporate business channels. Network with  and find manufactures that will make your clients products.


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