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 RENT NEW 20, 24 (1920x1200), and 30 inch LCD HDTV Displays. Desktop Computer rentals. 
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 Rent ThinkPad Pentium-4 3.06 (256M, 40G, CD-RW/DVD65K) Rent  Dual Core 1.8GHz 15.4"  Widescreen Laptop POWERBOOK G4
Rent  Dual Core 1.8GHz 15.4"  Widescreen Laptop
 Rent ThinkPad Pentium-4 3.06 (256M, 40G, CD-RW/DVD65K)
Rent Laptops & use GOTOMYPC get your office files while away from your computer
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Rent Laptop computers for cyber-cafes, Custom Gaming Computer Kiosks, Training, self registration stands, product information stations, online information requests at tradeshows and much more. You can configure with PC's and Mac's, with wireless networks or  Bluetooth configuration for remote printing.

Laptop and Desktop Computers for Rent  PC and Mac (Apple)
IBM Laptop Rentals, IBM ThinkPad Computer Rentals Available with Microsoft Office

We can supply laptop rental equipment to you anywhere in the US. Maintenance is free on all laptop and computer rental equipment.

We rent to many of the largest Accounting Firms during tax season so that they can increase their laptop usage without having to inventory large numbers of laptops.

Many of our clients are software companies that have monthly training classes and need extra laptops for students.  We have laptops with wireless network cards for easy access to the internet.

Entertainment Companies need to rent both laptop and desktop computer for movie and television production and product placement on sets.

If you are an exhibitor at tradeshows, or a Conference planning company and need computers for registration at your conferences we can configure laptop rentals and related equipment to fit your needs.

Are you an Pharmaceutical Companies sales representative, Rent a Laptop computer, LCD projector, and a tripod screen for you next presentation.  We can deliver it to your meeting, set it up and remove it....saves you time.

For off campus college and technical schools we can load your class software on our computers, deliver, setup and remove any night of the week...just call 503-477-8972 for pricing and service.

With just one point of contact (Duane Wangenheim) for multiple computer and audio-visual projects we can coordinate your computer and audio visual installations in multiple cities simultaneously

We offer only top-quality laptop equipment from IBM, Dell & Hewlett Packard.

We are a Microsoft software rental provider - we can supply a range of Microsoft software pre-installed on laptop rental equipment

You can request a price quotation for laptop rental equipment by
emailing for a price quote, or call 866 858 1174 , 503-477-8972 and our trained sales representatives will provide informative friendly service.

For the most competitive rental rates, fastest delivery, and most responsive service, we are your best choice for laptop rentals in the United States.

We offer discounts for regular Customers who wish to rent our laptop equipment.  If you are a meeting planer call 503-477-8972 for pricing.

Event planners, corporate training program coordinators, pharmaceutical sales representatives, convention organizers, TV news networks, Movie Studios, Post production screening events,  trade show exhibitors, conference planners, accounting departments, human resource (HRD), and corporate finance departments, emergency-disaster recovery management teams, military, government agencies, universities, technical schools, law firms, CPAs, income tax consultants, business, consultants, computer repair service companies and traveling executives.

We have broker pricing for Audio Visual rental companies who need computers for their events.

Delivery, Setup and Network installation - Even outside normal office hours and at weekends

Short / Medium term - from 1 day to as long as you need contracts on laptop rental contracts

IBM Laptop Rentals, IBM ThinkPad Computer Rentals Available with Microsoft Office

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Advantage of Rentals - Weekly Computer Rentals, Monthly Computer Rentals and Short Term Computer Rentals

The first and foremost advantage of computer rentals is that you don’t have to pay for maintenance – only usage. When one has to frequently move locations – trade shows / training / presentations – having short term computer rentals makes a whole lot of sense.

Further advantages of renting computer equipment are:

1. You can generally rent the latest equipment and choose the ones that are best suited for the purpose (high-end displays for Trade shows, Dual Core for graphics, lightweight for presentations etc…).

2. As technology evolves continuously, you don’t have to be stuck with increasingly outdated equipment.

3. You pay much less when renting for short term projects (tax season, Audits, Political Campaigns plus you save on software and maintenance costs.

4. You get work done much faster – our professionally managed company will help you setup operations

5. You can choose to rent daily, weekly or even monthly computer rentals, depending on your usage

6. The equipment you choose can be suitably made to match your budget from p2 2.0 to new dual core systems

 Laptop and Desktop Computers for Rent
 PC and Mac (Apple)
IBM Laptop Rentals, IBM ThinkPad Computer Rentals Available with Microsoft Office

Rent a Plasma or LCD Display for a computer monitor for event presentations

Rent PC Computers for Live Events, Media Environments, Stage Sets, Exhibits or Themed Environments, Meetings, Corporate Theater, Promotions, Parties, Awards & Entertainment Events, Public Relations & Industry Press Events, Road Shows, Traveling or Permanent Shows, Museums, Film & Television, Sponsorship Presentation, Special Environments for all occasions

We are a full service audio, visual, video, lighting, staging, and computer rental company.  Serving clients nationally, we offer one of the most comprehensive inventories in the industry for small businesses events, conventions, tradeshows, expositions, event planners, training seminars, and live entertainment shows. With the latest in technology from leading manufacturers, we ensure your event will be a total success. 
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 The History Of Laptop Computers. By:Dencho Denchev
Have you ever wondered where the sleek new portable PC’s of today came from? How did they get so small, and so fast? It’s true that modern notebook computers have undergone many
changes throughout the years.

In this article I will attempt to put together a rough history and timeline based on the laptop computer. I say rough because no one can really put a finger on who developed the first mobile computer. Anyways, let’s get started!

Computer buffs may not know who created the first laptop, but most will agree that Alan Kay of the Xerox Palo Alto research center was the first to come up with the idea of the portable
PC in the 1970’s. Kay envisioned a portable computer much like the ones found today – Something small and lightweight that anyone could afford.

Some say that the first notebook that was actually built in 1979 by William Moggridge who was with Grid Systems Corp. It featured 340 kilobytes of memory, a folding screen, and was made of metal (magnesium). This was hardly like the laptop computers found today, but it was a start.

Arguably, the next mobile computer produced was in 1983 by Gavilan Computers. This laptop featured 64 – 128 megabytes of memory, a touchpad mouse, and even a portable printer.
Weighing in at 9 pounds without the printer, this computer was actually only a few pounds heavier than notebooks found today.

Gavilan later failed largely due to their computer being incompatible with other computers – Mainly because the Gavilan laptop used their own operating system.

Apple Computers introduced the apple IIc model in 1984, but it wasn’t all that much better than what Gavilan had produced a year earlier. It did feature an optional LCD panel which had on impact on later notebooks.

Finally in 1986 a true laptop was created by IBM called the IBM PC Convertible. I say “true” because unlike a few of the others, this laptop didn’t have to be setup everywhere. And unlike the others it featured two modern 3.5 inch floppy drives, and space for an internal modem! Also found on the Convertible was an LCD screen and basic applications the user could use to create word documents, and schedule appointments.

Maybe most interesting was that the IBM PC Convertible sold for $3500! Of course you would be hard pressed to find that price tag on any laptop these days – (They have gone way down).

Since the late 80’s many manufacturers have come forward to produce new machines that are even faster and more powerful than their previous counterparts. These days the buyer has a lot of choice, and laptops are faster than ever.

About the author:
Dencho Denchev is in the computers world since year 1996.The experience allow him to create a big collection of valuecomputer tips and articles including other autors publications
located here: http://denchodenchev.com/computer/

Pentium Laptop Computers

 IBM ThinkPad Pentium-4 3.06 (256M, 40G, CD-RW/DVD65K)
Rent ThinkPad DualCore T61 15.4"  Widescreen Laptop
Dell Inspirion P4-2.8 (256M, 30G, DVD-CD,10/100NIC, 56K, Snd)
HP P4-2.8 (256M, 30G, 24XCD-RW, 8X DVD, 56K,10/100NIC, Snd)
Dell Inspirion P4-2.4ghz (256M, 30G, DVD-CD,10/100NIC, 56K, Snd)
Dell Inspirion P4-2ghz (256M, 20G, DVD-CD, 10/100NIC, 56K, Snd)
Dell Latitude P3-650 (256M, 12G, 24XCD, 10/100NIC, 56K, Snd)
Dell Latitude P3-650 (256M, 12G, 8X DVD, 10/100NIC, 56K, Snd)
Compaq Armada P3-650 (128M, 12G, 24X CD, 10/100NIC, 56K, Snd

Rent MAC Laptop Computers
MacBook PRO 17 inch Rentals
2.33GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
1680 x 1050 pixels
2GB memory
160GB hard drive1
8x double-layer SuperDrive
ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 graphics
with 256MB SDRAM
MacBook PRO 17 inch Rentals

Mac G4 Powerbooks

thinkpad laptop computer

Description: ThinkPad G41 Notebook
Manufacturer: Lenovo
Screen Size: 15
Installed Memory: 256
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Pro
Processor Type: Intel Pentium 4 Processor w/HT Technology
Included Drives: DVD/CD-RW Combo,
Floppy Drive,
Hard Drive
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 (Standard)
Included Network Card: Ethernet (10/100 Mbps),
Wireless Ethernet - 54 Mbps IEEE802.11g
Video Chipset: Intel Extreme Graphics 2
Interface Type: Audio - Line In (1/8" Mini),
Audio - Line Out (1/8" Mini),
Ethernet - RJ45 Twisted-Pair (XBaseT),
Keyboard/Mouse - 6 pin mini-DIN,
Parallel - 25 pin D-shell (IEEE 1284A),
Serial - RJ11 Modular (Phone/Telco),
USB - Universal Serial Bus 2.0,
Video - 15 pin High-Density D-shell (VGA)
Hard Drive Size: 40000
Processor Speed: 3060
Weight: 133.76
Processor Speed: 3.06 GHz
Processor Class: Intel Pentium 4 Processor w/HT Technology
Memory Technology: DDR-SDRAM (DDRRAM)
Maximum Memory: 2 GB
Installed Memory: 256 MB
Interface Type: Audio - Line In (1/8" Mini),
Audio - Line Out (1/8" Mini),
Ethernet - RJ45 Twisted-Pair (XBaseT),
Keyboard/Mouse - 6 pin mini-DIN,
Parallel - 25 pin D-shell (IEEE 1284A),
Serial - RJ11 Modular (Phone/Telco),
USB - Universal Serial Bus 2.0,
Video - 15 pin High-Density D-shell (VGA)
Drive Controllers: IDE (ATA/EIDE/ATAPI),
IDE (Ultra ATA/100)
Bus Speed: 533 MHz
Cache Size: 1 MB
Slots: Type II PC Card,
Type III PC Card
System Chipset: Intel 852GME
Resolution: 1024 x 768 (XGA)
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 (Standard)
Display Size: 15 in
Display Type: Active Matrix LCD (TFT)
Video Chipset: Intel Extreme Graphics 2
Video Bus: AGP (Version Unspecified)
Sound Support: AC '97, DirectSound, & SoundMAX
CD-ROM Read Speed: 24 X (CD,CD-R)
DVD-ROM Read Speed: 8 X (DVD, DVD-R)
CD Rewrite Speed: 10 X (CD,CD-R)
CD Write Speed: 24 X (CD,CD-R)
Hard Drive Capacity: 40 GB
Included Drives: DVD/CD-RW Combo,
Floppy Drive,
Hard Drive
Included Devices: AC Adapter,
Power Cord,
Wireless LAN Antenna
Included Network Card: Ethernet (10/100 Mbps),
Wireless Ethernet - 11 Mbps IEEE802.11b,
Wireless Ethernet - 54 Mbps IEEE802.11g
Input Devices: Keyboard,
Track Stick
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Pro
Height: 2 in
Width: 13 in
Depth: 11.1 in
Weight: 8.36 lbs

use this with a vhs turner and the disply is a tv

 42 Inch NEC With 1024 x 768 XGA resolution, Advanced AccuBlend Technology and a 3-2 pull down converter ensure the best possible brightness, contrast, color and image quality from any source. Realistic color reproduction via NEC's exclusive Capsulated Color Filter Technology is now enhanced by AccuCrimson, a filtration technology that produces the purest shade of red yet possible in a plasma display. VGA to UXGA in both 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios Dimensions 40.1"x 24"x3.5"

 NEW 20 inch, 23 inch, 24 inch, 30, 32. and 40 inch LCD HDTV display rentals.
What is Flat Screen Plasma Technology?   
With flat panel plasma screens, in addition to bright, crisp images, there are other advantages. Unlike projection screens, which are designed to concentrate reflection to a narrow viewing area for brightness, plasma screens permit an exceptionally broad viewing angle -- over 160 degrees...MORE about the technology.  More about Plasma Display Manufactures and links to their home pages here
 Plasma Mfg. Information      Compare Flat Screen Plasma Monitors   Buy Displays

  • 1280 x 768 resolution allows for crisp text and precise images
  • Virtually eliminates the potential for permanent image burn-in, contributing to optimal screen performance and longer monitor life
  • XtraView® technology allows for wide-angle viewing
  • PC and video
  • Detachable speakers deliver an enhanced multimedia experience with amazing sound quality
  • On Screen Manager (OSM®) puts you in complete control of display setting adjustments

 The Great Technology War: LCD vs. DLP If you are new to the world of digital projectors, you won't have to shop around the market very long before discovering that "LCD" and "DLP" somehow refers to two different kinds of projectors. You might not even know what LCD and DLP are before asking the obvious question "which one is better?"
Want a really BIG SCREEN...then use a LCD/DLP projector and connect your computer or even an VHS player/recorder (used as a TV tuner) and project pictures or presentations up to 15 feet by 20 feet.  (can go larger)
Projector Models for rent.

Plasma TV Displays, LCD Projectors, AV Equipment, Laptop, and Desktop Computer Rental Solutions
Nationwide  Call

If you are a multi-show exhibitor, we can offer you a national account agreement that will provide one competitive rate for equipment rentals and consistent service for all of your events nationwide. This enables you to know your costs and budget for your entire show schedule. We supply on-site IT & A/V technical services to support your events or presentations anywhere you go in the U.S., thus eliminating the logistical problems that result from having multiple contractors

Our services don’t end once your rental equipment is delivered and installed. We understand that managing IT equipment means more than just "procurement". That is why we offer exceptional technical support and services. In addition to 24/7 support, our experienced technicians will work with you from installation until final completion of the project. Call 503-477-8972 or for prices

Compare Flat Screen Plasma Monitors

Plasma & Flat Screen TV Buying Tips

courtroom technology equipment rentals

Advanced Display Technology for a Riveting Viewing Experience

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