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Affiliate Marketing is when one Web site (an affiliate) promotes another Web site's products or services (a merchant) in exchange for a commission. The merchant provides ads for the affiliate to place on their Website, and if an ad (which links to the merchant's website) results in a sale,
a sign up or a click, then voila! The affiliate earns a commission. 
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Industry Events
Affiliate Marketing conference
The Casino Affiliate Convention are one of the largest i-gaming industry events that cover marketing and advertising for the internet casino industry.
The Annual Summit is's largest event and is the premier gathering of Internet and multichannel leaders. The Summit is designed as an interactive forum for member and guests to gather for networking, strategizing, fact-finding and education in a non-commercial atmosphere.
The #1 event for Interactive Marketing.
The Web 2.0 Conference is brought to you in partnership with O'Reilly Media, Inc. and MediaLive International and moderated by John Battelle and O'Reilly CEO and Founder, Tim O'Reilly.

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Products are promoted through our network of over 100,000 online marketers (affiliates). Each vendor selects an affiliate commission percentage in advance. Affiliates promote the products, and refer interested customers to the vendor's web site. The vendor's web site explains the product, and refers customers directly to ClickBank to buy it. ClickBank makes the sale, pays the vendor, and pays the affiliate.
Library of Resources for Webmasters
The following articles will help you master the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. Learn how to get started with new programs; create strategies for maximizing your revenue and avoid common mistakes;
Not only are you guaranteed of fantastic returns (ranging from 20% to 32%) on minimal effort, you also get unsurpassed service and support, which in turn ensures ongoing and long-term business. We also implement and manage personalized Affiliate Program Systems for Webmasters and provide support via advertising and e-mail campaigns. So, if you're looking to earn some serious revenue
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Here's a few excellent affiliate
program networks:

Affiliate News

Top  Affiliate Programs

1.  6.FusionQuest
2.LinkShare Corporation  7.  A Best Web
3. Refer-it  8.
4. ClickBank  To join CLICK HERE


5.  Shareasale 10.Affiliate Marketing Programs
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 Guide to Affiliate Programs
How to 'buy' paying customers to your site and increase web site revenue

What are affiliate programs?
Affiliate programs are used by merchants to encourage people to promote their product or service to others in exchange for a fee or commission.

Where can I find companies that offer affiliate programs?
I'm glad you asked. These companies have hundreds of listings of affiliate programs for you to browse through. 

How much can I make by promoting these programs?
That really depends on you. Many people are making  thousands of dollars with affiliate programs. If you have a website or mailing list, try joining a few programs and setup links to various merchants and see how things work out. The affiliates will guide you on setting up your program or call us and we will run it for you. 866 858 1174 ask for Duane

Who offers the best affiliate programs?
We will always keep you up to date on the best and latest affiliate programs on the net. Our Visitors email us comments on all program listings, so we are glad to pass on their input. If you're looking for additional advice, you can visit this discussion board. Also, be sure to subscribe to this newsletter to have the latest and best affiliate programs emailed to you.

A few tips for promoting affiliate programs:

  • Join programs that offer products or services similar to your site's content.
  • Try various programs before you concentrate on just a few. Find out which programs pay off more and have better conversion rates. Most programs have stats reports for you to view.
  • Free products or services are obviously the best programs to promote simply because everybody likes free stuff. Therefore, you will experience a much higher conversion rate.
  • Go beyond the banner...Many programs allow you to use text links to promote their product or service. It has been proven that text links are much more effective than banners, so you may want to throw in a couple text ads throughout your site.
  • Be creative!  just grabbing an affiliate banner won't bring visitors unless the know about it.  Promote the sizzle.

Two things you should never do:
You should never join a program that requires you to pay a fee up front to get started. If you come across such a program, it is more than likely a scam. Please send us the link so we can investigate and warn others.  Internet Scamer  The other no-no is spam. Never ever spam! If you are caught spamming, most merchants will delete your affiliate account and you will lose all your earned revenues. Your site will be spam listed.

 How to Start Your Own Affiliate Program                

Imagine having hundreds of websites linking to your website and promoting your product or service. Sounds nice, huh? Now imagine not having to pay a cent for advertising unless you actually generate sales through your affiliates. Sounds even better, right?

Now all you need to do is figure out how to set up an affiliate program. There are lots of great services and software programs that will allow you to do so. When creating an affiliate program, you can go one of two ways: you can join a "network" of affiliate programs which will administer the tracking of sales or click-thru's for your program. The down-side of joining a network is they charge 30%-50% of the original amount you are offering as a commission for themselves. The up-side of joining a network is they can help you find many more affiliates to help promote your product or service, and they will issue checks to the affiliates themselves which would save you a lot of time.

Your other option is to buy affiliate program software and host it on your own server. If you run a smaller site, then I would recommend that you join one of the above networks. On the other hand, if you run a high-traffic website that will attract many affiliates, you should try to run your affiliate program yourself.

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Which ever option you choose, be sure to promote your affiliate program as much as possible. After all, the success of your affiliate program may ultimately decide the success of your online business.

Affiliate Wiz Affiliate Management Software
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