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CTIA WIRELESS is the world’s largest telecommunications event dedicated exclusively to wireless, broadband convergence and mobile computing technologies, covering the entire industry from network infrastructure to microprocessors to applications to content to end-user hardware.

What wireless is to a young man growing up in Beijing, can be dramatically different than what it is to a woman in India or a college student in NYC. With the explosion of new technologies, content, applications and network capabilities wireless is:

Wireless is something different to everyone. 

CTIA WIRELESS 2007 is... the world's largest convergence marketplace with tens of thousands of attendees, over 400,000 square feet of exhibits, 20% international participation from over 100 countries, and represents a $500 billion global industry with 2.3 billion subscribers worldwide.

CTIA WIRELESS 2007 will arm you with the knowledge and competitive intelligence you need to keep up in the industry that changes and evolves at break-neck speed.

What is wireless to you? Find it at CTIA WIRELESS 2007.






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