What is a Plasma Display? How it works Plasma and Display Information.
How the Plasma Screen works
The Plasma Television uses thousands of glass, sealed chambers containing a mixture of neon and xenon. The chambers are in front of colored phosphors. Each chamber has three phosphors, one red, one blue and one green. When these chambers are in use they emit invisible UV light that excites the phosphors on the rear display glass enabling them to produce light that can be seen by us.   MORE

Managing Your HD
From HD cables to HD discs to HD audio, discover how to get a deeper high-definition experience.
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Info and Answers | May 11, 2007 | by Marshal Rosenthal
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High Definition Art and Photography for your HDTV.

Latest in Info and AnswersManaging Your HD

HD cables, discover how to get a deeper high-definition experience.
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When building (or adapting) a home theater for high-definition viewing, it’s best to start with the basics. In this case, the TV is the first thing that needs to be taken care of and, to be blunt, the bigger the screen the better. And while you may prefer plasma over rear-projection, or an LCD panel over a front projector, it’s the resolution that plays the most important part because it’s “locked” in and can’t be changed for the life of the set. Right now 1080p is the poster child, but even 720p resolution will provide a much better picture than the standard TV sets we used to put up with.

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HD Cable Options: Component and HDMI
HDMI cables
When connecting HD devices to the display, your choices are either component cables (for up to 1080i) or HDMI cables (for up to 1080p). HDMI has an advantage because it’s a single cable that also transmits audio.

But HDMI can still fail to function correctly, especially if you go with a cheap cable. “Keep in mind that as great as digital is, there can still be problems—a skinny little wire can have signal issues,” says David Wiswell, group manager for product development and engineering at Panasonic Projector Systems Company. “Using digital cabling is great, especially as HDMI makes it easy for those with limited experience in wiring their TVs,” he says. “Just be aware that digital doesn’t ‘gracefully fail,’ it’s more like ‘falling off a cliff’ where it locks up because the signal has dropped under the marginal edge.”

With most displays now including HDMI, it’s hard to find a compelling reason not to use it. But this gives way to an input issue because many TVs only have one or two HDMI inputs. Short of pulling/inserting plugs every time you want to switch between your HD cable box or HD player or some other device, the solution is an HDMI switcher that accepts multiple HDMI inputs and then sends the signal out to the display. But switching requires punching the correct button on the switcher or the remote every time you want to change sources, so something along the lines of Iogear’s HDMI 2 x 1 Automatic Switch might be better, as it senses and automatically switches to whichever of its two inputs are active.

Tips for Surviving the HD DVD vs Blu-ray Battle
Until recently, the only way you could watch high-definition programming was to get it from a cable box, satellite receiver or an over-the-air HD antenna. Mark Jackson, president of EchoStar Technologies (parent company of satellite provider Dish Network), says high-definition bandwidth limitations presented an initial challenge for all content providers, but MPEG-4 compression, new modulation methods, and advanced hardware helped overcome these restrictions. Now, content providers can offer more high-definition programming, which helps justify a consumer’s investment in HD equipment.

Consumer justification gets an added boost via the “stored HD” on two competing high-definition disc formats: HD DVD and Blu-ray. The differences between HD DVD and Blu-ray have already been covered ad nauseam, so unless you’re going to wait it out, you’ll have to choose between getting an HD DVD or a Blu-ray player (or a Playstation 3 if you want to combine gaming with Blu-ray viewing). Or, you could splurge and get a player for each format, though that’s a costly proposition (as an alternate, LG’s Super Multi Blue Player handles both type of discs—even if its HD DVD access is a bit spotty—and recently Samsung announced a dual player coming later this year).

Those who say there’s really no difference between DVD and high-def DVD should compare versions. For example, the regular DVD of “Night at the Museum” may look good, but a lot of detail is lost —like the foliage and wall carvings in the exhibition rooms—because the resolution just isn’t there. Or take the CG effects: the fireballs launched by the Romans sparkle and the T-Rex’s skeleton frame really stands out in the film’s Blu-ray version.

As Bruce Youmans, vice president of product research and development at TDK (a founding member of the Blu-ray Disc Association Board of Directors) puts it, the DVD format was designed for playback on standard definition TVs (i.e. 480p resolution), not on today’s higher resolution HD sets. “DVDs simply don’t have adequate capacity to support HD video, which explains the demand for a new disc format to support HD,” Youmans says.

Another high-def DVD solution is due later this year from Warner Bros. Total Hi-Def Disc (THD) takes the old flip-disc concept and spins it with HD DVD on one side of a disc and Blu-ray on the other (Warner, New Line and HBO are supporters of this format).

On the content side, consumers have the option of sampling HD discs rather than rebuilding movie collections in a new format. Both Blockbuster and Netflix offer HD DVD and Blu-ray rentals.

Don’t Forget About HD Audio
Lost in this resolution shuffle is an underrated aspect of HD: audio. HD DVD and Blu-ray discs feature the new “flavors” of Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD. Craig Eggers, Dolby’s senior manager for consumer electronics marketing, says Dolby Digital Plus delivers up to 7.1 discrete channels of audio at a higher quality, and even “plain vanilla” Dolby Digital now runs at a data rate higher than that found on DVDs.

Eggers says the best audio performance comes from an HDMI connection, but this requires an A/V receiver that can handle HDMI. If that’s not an option, analog connections can be used. In this case the high-resolution pulse-code modulation (PCM) signal in the high-def DVD player undergoes digital-to-audio conversion inside the player and is exported to your connected A/V receiver. This process lets you take advantage of the newer high resolution audio streams.

The final choice is to use a traditional digital (optical or coaxial) output, but this method limits you to Dolby Digital or DTS audio. When using optical or coax, the high resolution PCM signal in the player is re-encoded as a 640kbps Dolby Digital signal for playback compatibility through any legacy digital home theater receiver or processor. “Listeners will still enjoy an increase in audio performance compared to standard-definition DVD playback,” says Eggers.


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Plasma displays for Rent: 37 inch  (4:3 aspect ratio Hitachi CMP307XU),
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100 inch LCD Large Screen Displays, Plasma Stands, Cobra Stands.

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The top 5 reasons to go 1080p and what it is.

Plasma screen burn-in and gas recharging Information

Protect Your Plasma or LCD TV

Save your Plasma or LCD TV use PixelProector

We are a full service audio, visual, video, lighting, staging, and computer rental company.  Serving clients nationally, we offer one of the most comprehensive inventories in the industry for small businesses events, conventions, tradeshows, expositions, event planners, training seminars, and live entertainment shows. With the latest in technology from leading manufacturers, we ensure your event will be a total success. 
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Ask about our new 10 x 6 foot (120.3 inch x 72 inch)  NEC plasma wall  using a total of nine

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 84 Inch NEC Add impact to your information.
NEC has bundled four PX42VP4's and the required wall mount for a huge display area of nearly 3000 square inches! That is a lot of viewing power. Add impact by running one source over the entire 84" display to capture your audience's attention. The PlasmaSync 84VP4 has an outstanding image quality of 1706x960 native resolution and a viewing angle up to 160°  With the 84VP4's sophisticated timer/source programmability feature, the ability to control and customize your presentation is endless. With broad source compatibility from video to HD to RGB and the signal loop-out capability, sources can easily be looped from one monitor to the next for a customized presentation.  Ask about our new 10 x 6 foot (120.3 inch x 72 inch)  NEC plasma wall  using a total of nine
(9) 42 inch plasma displays.
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50 inch disply with outstanding picture for, computer presentations, dvd movies and with use of a vhs tv turner a great TV
Resolution 1365x768
Aspect Ratio 16:9

Price 4 Audio
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 50 Inch Pioneer or NEC Plasma Displays  Take the next step, rent this bigger display for your next event.  This display can be viewed from center isle at trade shows.  This larger size offers integrators and designers versatile installation options to suit virtually any application. Compare to the previous model, this model now produces 17% less heat and has an advanced environmental tolerance device which simultaneously reduces operating noise at 23%. The unit, although 50 diagonal inches, is surprisingly light weight and is one of the slimmest available on the market. With the 160 degree viewing angle, both vertically and horizontally, this plasma panel can be viewed from almost anywhere, even across the isles. Users can change aspect ratios from standard 4:3 to widescreen 16:9 format to accommodate DVD presentations and widescreen broadcasts.
Screen Size 50-inch diagonal

Weight 85lbs. 12oz. Dimensions 47.94"w x 28.13"h x 3.84"d
 Plasma Mfg. Information 

use this with a vhs turner and the disply is a tv
Price 4 Audio
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 42 Inch NEC With 1024 x 768 XGA resolution, Advanced AccuBlend Technology and a 3-2 pull down converter ensure the best possible brightness, contrast, color and image quality from any source. Realistic color reproduction via NEC's exclusive Capsulated Color Filter Technology is now enhanced by AccuCrimson, a filtration technology that produces the purest shade of red yet possible in a plasma display. VGA to UXGA in both 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios Dimensions 40.1"x 24"x3.5"

Rent 42 inch Panasonic Plasma Displays with HDMI
Take advantage of early discounts for your plasma rentals by making
reservations several months in advance....
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 Hitachi 37 Inch Plasma Display  High-Resolution XGA: At 1024 x 768 pixels, XGA provides pictures nearly one and a half times as detailed as conventional VGA images. When viewed on the 's big 37" screen with .735 x .735 mm pixel pitch, the vivid, super-sharp XGA picture is simply breathtaking. Plus the is compatible with virtually any video or data source from PCs to DVDs, making it the ideal display solution for any corporate application from tradeshows and exhibits to presentations and training.  Plasma Mfg. Information  Model: CMP307XU
Display: 37",Resolution: 1024 x 768, true Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Screen Size: 22.2 x 29.6, Dimensions: 34.8 x 26.9 x 3.9

61 inch nec has the largest viewing area

Price 4 Audio
Video Equipment

 61 inch  NEC Plasma Display
16:9 Plasma Display TV with 1365 x 768 resolution. NEC sets a new benchmark for large screen size and outstanding image quality with the 61MP1, the first plasma monitor to break the 60" barrier. Its images are as beautiful as they are big!  Plasma Mfg. Information 
Brand: NEC Model: PX-61XM1A

Colors 16.7 million colors
Inputs (1)Video out,(2)Video,(3)Audio,(1)DVD1/HD1,(1)RGB2/DVD2/HD2,
Outputs (1)RGB1/RGB out,(1)DVI,(1)External control,(1)Remote in/out
Weight 134.2 lbs.  Dimensions 57.9"w x 34.6"h x 4.7"d

Cobra Plasma Stand

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To the right, our standard dual post floor stand designed to be used with any of our flat or tilting PDM series plasma wall mounts in the horizontal or vertical display mode. The dual 2" chrome posts allow for  height adjustability with (average is 5.5 ft. in height. Optional flat accessory shelf  installed above or below the display in a front or rear-facing mode.
To the left, our fancy cobra display with shelf.

Dual Pole Plasma Stand

Side Speakers for LCD and plasma Displays
If you need sound with your video, consider adding a pair of powered speakers to your plasma rental. We carry many different types of speakers along with the factory side mounted audio system, this is sure to make your sound as perfect as your images. You can display computer images, video game consoles, live DV camera, and DVD/VCR feeds. The number of input feeds varies by make and model so be sure to enquire about which best fits your needs.

 NEW 20 inch, 23 inch, 26 inch, and 30 inch LCD HDTV display rentals.
What is Flat Screen Plasma Technology?   
With flat panel plasma screens, in addition to bright, crisp images, there are other advantages. Unlike projection screens, which are designed to concentrate reflection to a narrow viewing area for brightness, plasma screens permit an exceptionally broad viewing angle -- over 160 degrees...MORE about the technology.  More about Plasma Display Manufactures and links to their home pages here
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 23" HDTV Monitor Built-In NTSC Tuner
Accepts cable/antenna, HDTV, satellite dish and NTSC video sources
1280 x 768 WXGA Resolution
High resolution format produces extremely detailed imagery
400:1 High Contrast Ratio, 450 cd/m2 High Brightness,
176º Viewing Angle
Hi-Res Component, S-Video, RF, A/V Inputs  Multiple inputs for DVD players, VCRs, computers and video game systems
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NEC LCD3000 LCD TV we rent 17 inch to 46 inch LCD displays
  • 1280 x 768 resolution allows for crisp text and precise images
  • Virtually eliminates the potential for permanent image burn-in, contributing to optimal screen performance and longer monitor life
  • XtraView® technology allows for wide-angle viewing
  • PC and video
  • Detachable speakers deliver an enhanced multimedia experience with amazing sound quality
  • On Screen Manager (OSM®) puts you in complete control of display setting adjustments
What is LCD Technology?  LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. This technology has been around for a number of years but is finally able to deliver fast motion video quality displays. The thin and light form factor is attractive to consumers. While the panel (the set itself) looks thin, the technology inside is quite extensive.
An LCD is made up of pixels (picture elements). Pixels are individual, distinct, points of light. Each pixel is made up of sub pixels consisting of red, green and blue. Together the red, green and blue sub pixes combine to form a single color picture element. A panel's resolution is determined in part by how many pixels there are. A display can have hundreds of thousands of points of light (pixels) to millions of points of light, depending on the resolution.
Projector Models for rent.

 The Great Technology War: LCD vs. DLP If you are new to the world of digital projectors, you won't have to shop around the market very long before discovering that "LCD" and "DLP" somehow refers to two different kinds of projectors. You might not even know what LCD and DLP are before asking the obvious question "which one is better?"
Want a really BIG SCREEN...then use a LCD/DLP projector and connect your computer or even an VHS player/recorder (used as a TV tuner) and project pictures or presentations up to 15 feet by 20 feet.  (can go larger)
Projector Models for rent. we rent both DLP and LCD Projectors

The top 5 reasons to go 1080p

Why all the hoopla about 1080p? Most early adopters saw no improvement from their "up-converting" DVD players, even after going digital with HDMI™. Why? Because all they were really seeing was enhanced 480p on a 1080i display. The early hype about 1080p made us think it was the next big thing. Is it? New HDTVs that are "full HD 1080p" are shipping now so let's take a look at the top 5 reasons to go 1080p.

The truth about Plasma screen burn-in and gas recharging

Plasma screen TVs have had some bad publicity thanks to the ignorance of some salespeople at national retail stores. This page is dedicated to giving you the true facts about plasma burn, so you can make your own choice about buying a plasma TV screen.

About plasma screen pixel burn-in and dead pixels?
A lot of people worry about pixel burn-in when researching Plasma screen TVs. Screen burn-in is when an image stays on the screen for a long period of time, and appears to get permanently burned into the screen itself. Screen burn-in can potentially happen, when running a computer presentation that has fixed blocks of solid color.

However, for most plasma owners, screen burn-in will never be an issue, and you are much more likely to upgrade your Plasma TV before anything goes wrong. To put your mind at rest, most newer plasma TVs have a feature called white flash·that provides correction if screen burn-in ever occurs. There is also a calibration tool called PixelProtector that makes sure your plasma TV is always set up to combat screen burn.

Very occasionally LCD and plasma TVs suffer from dead pixels when a pixel is either always on (lit up when the screen is black, for example), or the pixel is always off (black when it should have color or be white). A few dead pixels here and there are not noticeable, and manufacturers normally state that a small percentage of dead pixels are allowed.

The best way to avoid any problems with dead pixels is buy a plasma screen made by a reputable manufacturer (such as Sony, Panasonic, NEC and Sharp), as the build quality of the plasma panels is higher you are less likely to have problems, and if you do, the screens will have a guarantee/warrantee enabling you to get the problem repaired or the screen exchanged.

Do you have to "re-gas" Plasma TV screens?

This is one of the most common, and the most wrong myths about Plasma TVs. All plasma screens are completely, permanently sealed when manufactured. Each individual pixel in a plasma panel is sealed, and therefore cannot, and does not ever require any refilling, or recharging.

Next time some salesperson tells you about "re-filling" the gas in a plasma TV, ask them how long it takes to manually insert three different types of gas into every single pixel in the screen.

Someone told me that Plasma TVs don't have a very long life-span, is this true?
If you buy your Plasma screen from a quality brand you will get a TV with a rated lifetime of around 30,000 hours. What this means is if you watch TV for five hours, every single day it will last over 16 years. I'm guessing that you'll be looking to replace your plasma TV long before that happens, and on average most people buy a new home TV every eight years anyway! The lifetime of a plasma TV is measured by something called it's "half life" (this is the industry term for the period of time it takes for the display to appear half as bright as the day it was first used). All different types of TV screens, including LCD lose their brightness over time, but because it's so gradual, it's practically impossible to notice.

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